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To accomplish its mission to provide excellent resources, services and facilities to support learning, teaching, research and consultancy activities of BAU, the library has over the years build up its collection in various subjects fields, in printed, non-print and electronic format. The library now holds a collection of 72,201 volumes (45,837 titles) of books and 2,783 (two thousand and seven hundred eighty three) volumes (14,536 copies) bound journals, as well as a collection of maps, sound recordings, microforms, video tapes and slides. Number of printed collections: text book / research reports (copies). In addition, the library holds 5,221 (five thousand two hundred and twenty two) reference  titles, 47,233 (fourty seven thousand two hundred thirty three) titles of  baby thesis, 11,850 (eleven thousand eight hundred fifty) master thesis and dissertai, 9807 (nine thoiusand eight hundred seven) of which are full text collections.

The collection of the University Library of Bogor Agricultural University is rich and diverse, especially in terms of the breadth and the depth of coverage. The collection encompasses subjects in agriculture, agricultural engineering, biology, veterinary medicne, animal husbandry, fisheries and marine sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, the humanities and social sciences, economics and business, and ecology.


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